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Restore your health naturally with herbal medicine

Beate can offer herbal medicine, suitable for ailments such as skin problems, circulatory problems and digestion issues. Our herbal treatments are tailored to the individual, with formulae created specifically for each patient. We prepare herbal formulae from tinctures that are derived from herbs, leaves, bark, flowers and roots.

Experienced therapists

During your first appointment your therapist will discuss your health history in detail; including past ailments, diet, exercise, sleep patterns and stress. We will formulate medicines using suitable herbs, according to the intensity of the ailment. We also give you valuable advice on maintaining a balanced diet. Subsequent treatments will follow, if required.

Consultation fees

First treatment

For quality health treatments, call Beate Guenther on 020 8541 5566

Subsequent treatments

45-60 minutes

30-45 minutes



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